NetworksEasy PC Advice offers 3 types of Networking options and we are happy to come to you to review what is the best needed for your location.

We install Wired, Wireless and Powerline Ethernet which uses your homes existing electrical wiring via a plug straight into a standard wall socket and gives you excellent speeds.

We can supply cables of any length made to size and also supply Wireless Routers.


Can you explain Powerline Ethernet more?

Networking in your homePower-line Ethernet uses your homes existing electrical wiring via a couple of small adaptors that plug straight into a standard wall socket so no extra cables are needed.

It uses the cables in your home to send data and doesn't interfere with your electricity supply at all. The convenience is obvious in this case because while not every room has a phone jack or router, you will always have an electrical outlet near a computer, TV or Games Console.

This provides 200Mbps or 500Mbps (HD streaming) via a small cable from the adaptor to your device but without a long trailing wire back to the router. This is great for online gaming, HD Video Streaming and other bandwidth intensive tasks for work or play.


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