EASYPCADVICE 1-1 Training Lessons

1-1 Training LessonsEasy PC Advice offers 4 different training courses.

All our courses are best provided on a 1-1 basis as we can then accomodate a pace you want to learn at and be confident that you understand what we are teaching you.

Our courses below are for all ages and in most cases we also provide course notes so once we have gone you can continue your learning.

We are clear and patient and if you have a question once we have left, call us for FREE advice.

Basic Intro to Computers | Windows 8 for Beginners | iPad Training for Beginners | Web Design for Beginners

Basic Introduction to ComputersEasy PC Advice Basic Introduction to Computers

This training course is designed for the beginner who wants to know their way round a PC in general and get online so you can start surfing the internet.

We are flexible on Operating Systems too and can work on XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

In this course we will go through the basics of the computer and depending on your needs, we can show you how to:

Use your PC and how to get around it knowing basic functions
Use the Internet, save links as Favourites and use Search Engines
Setup an Email Account
How to update your Anti-Virus
How to use Office (if you have it installed) Word, Excel and Power Point

Windows 8 for Beginners

Easy PC Advice Windows 8 for Beginners

Windows 8 is Microsoft's new Operating System and for those of you who have been used to the original layouts with a Start button, you'll see a major change as the start button no longer exists.

Our training sessions for Windows 8 for Beginners will guide you through the main features of Windows 8 at a pace that suits you.

Windows 8 ProWe will go through the basics including:

Power on/off
Metro Screen (Tile Screen)
Desktop Layout

Course notes are provided for you to keep and if there is anything in particular you want us to go through please let us know and we will be happy to add this to your training.

iPad Training for Beginners

Easy PC Advice iPad Training for Beginners

Once you have your iPad setup correctly you are welcomed with a touch screen that can do so much and yet looks much different to a standard PC.

Our training sessions for iPad for Beginners will guide you through the main functions of the iPad at a pace that suits you.

We will cover the standard Applications (known as Apps) which includes the following:

Mail Safari Contacts
Calendar Notes Camera
Photos App Store Maps
Music iTunes Plus More

We can also show you how to download FREE Apps as well as how to pay for chargeable Apps quick and easy.

This training session is for all ages and we can provide notes designed around you afterwards.

Web Design Service

Easy PC Advice Web Design for Beginners

Building a website yourself is becoming more and more necessary these days when the costs of having a professional site is so expensive. It is essential for all businesses to have a way to showcase their products and services.

Our Web Design for Beginners course is tailored to show you the basic building blocks needed to create a website and how to edit the code to save money on website changes.

HTML Code Tables Tags
Images Buttons Hyperlinks

This course is suitable for all ages so if you are at school and want to get ahead or need to start-up a business, or just want to learn something new, we can help.


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